26 Sep 2012

How not to lock your bike

How not to lock your bike, originally uploaded by mike1727.

How not to lock your bike Spotted at St Albans station just now. I wouldn't be too surprised if this bike isn't here when its owner gets back. This is the worst lock I've ever seen on a bike, by far. It's vulnerable to cutting with trivial tools and that flimsy lock is hanging just next to the bike rack upright, ready for a few big whacks with a hammer.

So, don't do that, do this:
  • Use a D-lock, and preferably another lock like an armoured cable lock too. (this means the thief needs more skill, tools and time to defeat two different types of lock)
  • Buy good locks. Sold Secure gold rated are best. (Any insurance you have will probably only cover approved locks. A D lock bought for a tenner from a large grocery retailer (tm) is not good value)
  • Do not just lock your bike up by the front wheel. (you may return to find a locked up front wheel and no bike)
  • Lock to a rack by preference. Don't lock to posts if you can avoid it. (bikes can be lifted off posts)
  • Don't block pavements or fire exits. (for obvious reasons, but also because your bike could be damaged)
  • Secure your wheel by locking to a rack with the lock passing through your rear wheel and the frame. (Wheels are stolen too)
  • Fill the space as much as possible. (minimum room to insert a lever to break d locks)
  • Position the lock so that the key is more difficult to get to. (reduces picking/barrel attacks)
  • Don't leave the lock so that parts of it touch the ground. ( makes it much harder to chisel or hammer)
  • Remove all accessories.

Smile, and have a good day...

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Przemysław Sakrajda said...

I recommend German locks from the company called ABUS.