3 Nov 2009

STACC Calendar of Events & Meetings

This is a constantly updated calendar of STACC Events & other local cycling events of interest.
Included are Rides, Meetings (restricted or public) & Social events.
Tell us (via a comment) of any other stuff which might be included.
You can use it in Week, Month or Agenda view, by clicking on the tab.
Agenda View is best - so it's the default setting.
Non-STACC events are included, but they are beyond our control. If you know of changes to any of them please advise - by comment.

To get direct access to the calendar without visiting this Blog, browse to  tinyurl.com/stacc-calendar - easy to remember.

Existing Calendar Users
If you are a user of your own on-line calendar or MS Outlook or any other organizer which supports ical, you should be able to display STACC calendar alongside your other calendars.

Please use the following address to access your calendar from other applications. You can copy and paste this into any calendar product that supports the ical format.

(As advised in comment below - Thanks to Peter.)

1 comment:

Peter Segers said...

Hi Tom,

The URL you posted gives people direct access to an HTML version of the STACC calendar.

This is fine for use on its own or for embedding the STACC calendar on a web page as you did yourself on this page.

However, to enable STACC events to show up in someone's own calendar (eg using Outlook, Thunderbird with Lightning add-on etc) next to their own events, thus providing an integrated personal view, you need to also publish another kind of URL, one that provides the data in iCal format rather than in HTML format.

On the web page where you manage your Google Calendar, if you go to the Settings of the STACC calendar, you will see a 'Calendar Address' section with three buttons. What you need to publish in addition is the link that is shown when you click on the ICAL button.

Maybe, for convenience, you can create a shorter 'tiny-url' version of that link too?