23 Apr 2007

STACC Blog User Tips

To help you use STACC Blog

Bookmarking individual Posts with Bookmark Helper
This feature was added on 23/4/2007 because Blogger in its standard form does not readily allow you to Add to Bookmarks (Favorites) any individual Post, only a page full of Posts - or a whole month's bag full. Similarly, you can't readily Copy & Paste the reference of an individual Post into an email or document.
Bookmark Helper appears at the bottom of each Post to solve this problem.
Click on Bookmark Helper before you Bookmark, then the Post's exact reference (URL) will be captured when you Bookmark or when you copy the URL into an email etc.
You can carry on browsing using the Older Post & Newer Post links which will then have appeared at the foot of the screen or use the your browser's Back arrow (which annoyingly loses your place in the page of Posts).
(Extra: Where your browser supports it, you can Right Click on Bookmark Helper & choose Open in New Tab or Open in New Window so you hold your place in your previous browsing of the multi-Post page.)

Add a comment to this Post if you have a problem using STACC Blog, then we can add more tips to help others.

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