10 Jun 2008

Five Miles to Fabulous ride report

Eight ladies and one wee boy in a trailer enjoyed good weather for their ride from the city centre to Sleapshyde on Saturday 7 June. The scones and plants at Sleapshyde Methodist Church coffee morning and plant sale were excellent, we were rested and refreshed after our ride along the Alban Way. As a result we even had the energy to sort out a problematic inner tube on the return leg.
Five Miles to Fabulous is a CTC intiative aimed at providing gentle and supportive opportunities for women to get back on their bikes and build confidence in todays traffic. In leading these rides, I aim to introduce people to useful routes that they may not have been aware of and to demonstrate some 'cyclecraft' - the techniques of positioning on the road and reading and responding to the road and traffic conditions. The pace is calm, we have nothing to prove, we cycle graciously for our own fabulous enjoyment and benefit. On Saturday we were so un-macho that we let a running dad accompanied by his young son on bicycle actually overtake us.

The rides are aimed at providing an opportunity for less confident riders, but if you are a more experienced ride, do please come along, you are most welcome. The rides are enjoyable, and your experience and assistance is appreciated.

I have a busy few months coming up, so have no further 5MTF rides actually planned at present, but I certainly intend to fit some more in over the year. Watch this space. More about 5MTF, including rides all around the country at www.fivemilestofabulous.com

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