14 Apr 2008

Mobile Cycle Repairer

I have recently heard of a Mobile Bike Repair service called Cycledelik.
Details & prices appear on their web site HERE

I have no knowledge of their quality of service, so this post should not be taken as a recommendation.
If you use them, please add a comment to this post - use your first name & membership number as your ID when doing so, then I can contact you for more details.

If their service is OK and as they are local, STACC might request some member discount.

UPDATE: 13/8/8
Since the original post, I have found out more by chatting to Cycledelik (at the Kaleidoscope Festival at Welwyn Garden City).
I determined that they only have an office in St Albans - this had made me think that they operated locally. However their operating area is currently in London (with a demand for quick service from cycle couriers etc) and they hope to expand their area as time goes on - so I doubt if they will be operating near St Albans any time soon.
They certainly have a very professional attitude, so I hope they prosper.

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