15 Jun 2008

Bike Week Count Down - Farmers' Market Publicity Stall

Our stall at the Farmers' Market last Sunday (8 June) attracted a great deal of interest and it was good to see lots of members stopping by.
This was an enjoyable opportunity to publicise Bike Week, give out cycling information (we ran out of stocks of several cycling maps) and continue our recruitment drive - a large number of membership applications were willingly accepted and one new member joined and paid up on the spot for two years in advance.

Publicity has been growing during during two weeks commencing 4th June, with posters indoors & out, large & small over a wide area (more success this year with outdoor posters capable of surviving severe weather - unlike last year),
Publicity drive was topped off with the quarter page advert in yesterday's Herts Advertiser which should prove very effective - a prediction which proved correct - the Tourist Office had run right out of event lists and had to be re-stocked.

Also during these weeks wide distribution of event lists has been made to strategic Pick-up points
These include:-
4 Bike Shops in St Albans plus Harpenden & Hatfield Cycle Centre,
St Albans & Harpenden Libraries
Tourist Information
Highfield Park Office (in box outside)
me - at 31 Willow Crescent (in pick-up box outside)
Morrison's Petrol Station
Smallford Post Office
(these last two being handy for Alban Way - local posters direct users to them).

Wads of Event Lists have been put in a great number of schools.
Individual parked bikes have been leafletted en masse at the City Station and on at least five different days in the town centre.

The range of events available is a fairly well established tradition - but making them happen is down to hard work by their leaders.

So all in all we can hope for the most successful Bike Week yet - grateful thanks to all those who have taken part in its organisation (which started about 3 months ago).

But success depends entirely on support from you and your families and friends.
So please make it happen & above all Enjoy.

See you there & there & there, and perhaps even there...

Remember that you can download the events list from: HERE

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