15 Jun 2008

Bike Week Events - Off to a good start

Dave's Mystery Tour - today - got Bike Week events off to an excellent start.
Though the weather was fine it was not as warm as one would hope for, however no less than 11 riders turned out - only Dave & myself being STACC members (where were the other 470 odd?)
The ride was a gentle 12 miles, almost all off-road, along the Alban Way and beyond then through Stanborough Park - with coffee stop, then return via Hatfield Business Park, back on to Alban Way and thence to the Plough at Sleapshyde for a modest glass.
The final leg was the shared footway/cycleway alongside the A414 and up Nightingale Lane.

The 9 non-members gave me the opportunity to go into recruiting mode (having brought a wad of membership application forms for just that purpose). Several folks expressed great interest, at least one of them appears keen to become involved in campaigning as a STACC committee member.

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