24 Oct 2007

French Connection - Marseille Bike Hire

Marseille's new cycle hire scheme was launched recently.
Jack Pia (SADC Councillor for St Peter's Ward & former STACC member) - pictured - happened to be there near the launch date & used the system often during his visit and is full of praise for it.
Jack has been a proponent of 'appropriate' urban transport - walk-cycle-bus for the last half century.
However, before you ask, there are no prospects of such a scheme in St Albans, the city isn't big enough to support one.
The scheme is identical to the one in Lyons (first one in France) - Blogged here and the one in Paris - see useful tips in English here

The scheme name is Vélib’ in both Paris & Marseille and Vélo'v in Lyons (accents & apostrohes - essential for us pedants) .
Whilst Paris & Lyons systems operate 24/7 there's some indication that Marseille does not operate at night yet here

Hmmm... I hope that Jack remembered to ride on the right.

Comment on-line about this at St Albans Review's website [HERE]


STACC memsec Tom said...

See St Albans Review today 24/10/07 , Page 7 for a piece on this very subject, using the same photo.
(It's associated with another article on Page 5 about the poor environmental performance of St Albans - that's all of us.)

You can comment on the articles on the Review web site HERE
Give cycling a plug.

STACC memsec Tom said...

Barcelona is another European city to have a similar bike hire system.
It's more intended for commuters than for tourists - but if you read Spanish (choose Catalan or Castilian) see the web site at
http://www.bicing.com/ (yes - it is spelt with a 'c').