24 Oct 2007

St Albans Review - On-Line Comments - Looks Useful

If you read the local free paper St Albans Review, as well as the letters page you will have seen the page and a half of comments which readers have made on line.
It occurs to me that this is a handy way to plug STACC and the cycling message, and has more chance of being printed than a letter.
The more comments on a subject, the higher ranking it seems to get.
Just go to HERE and get typing, anytime you see a relevant article, but it appears that you can only add on-line comment to the 'Most Read' articles listed. (Add a comment to this post if you find out how to comment on any article or reader's letter, not listed as 'Most Read'.)

ALSO: added 26 Oct
The Review's website is not a static version of the printed paper, it is constantly changing with new stories added - and further chances for comment. So you need to keep a regular eye on things.

PS: added 25 Oct
There's currently an article running on line, with opportunity to comment....
Bright ideas for Verulamium Park [HERE]
It's about young people's ideas for the park (but they forgot to say cycling).
Moreover the article says the park is a "haven for ..... cyclists ...." - bit of scope for comment?

Updated 10 April 2008 adding text in green italics

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