23 Oct 2007

Cyclists Wanted, 10 Nov, to Welcome group cycling from Glasgow

Message from Liz

The Mayor, Cllr Kate Morris, has asked for some STACC members to escort some members of the crew of HMS St Albans who will have cycled from Glasgow and be arriving in St Albans on Saturday, November 10th. The idea would be to await their arrival at approx 2pm. at the entrance to Woollams (sports ground), just outside the St Albans boundary on the Harpenden Rd. We then cycle with them to the Town Centre where they will be greeted. They are raising money for charity while their ship is in dock in Glasgow.
As you probably know, the crew have the Freedom of the City of St Albans and they will be staying the week-end and attending the Remembrance Day parade on the Sunday.
Please let me know if you would be able to support this good idea and see how many cyclists we can muster!

Amended 8 Nov
See later post [HERE]

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