8 Nov 2007

Cyclists Wanted, 10 Nov, to Welcome Navy Cyclists - Update

Don't forget to turn out give a worthy welcome to the 10 members of the ship's company of HMS St Albans on Saturday, after their fund-raising cycle ride from Glasgow.
As the Navy press release shows - they are expecting us.

Join the STACC group riding with them from Woolams Sports Ground (that’s on the Harpenden Road, on the north edge of the City, on the right beyond the 30mph sign).

Aim to be there ready for a 2:30 departure (was formerly given as 2pm).

We ride to the City Centre where the group will be received by the Mayor.

HMNBC 588/07 Tuesday 23 October 2007


Ten crew members from Royal Navy frigate HMS St Albans are embarking on a gruelling 430 mile cycle ride from Rosyth to St Albans in aid of the Mayor’s Fund for the Future and The Royal British Legion. The ship was granted the freedom of the city in July 2004.

HMS St Albans is currently half way through a 12 month refit in Rosyth, on the east coast of Scotland, during which time her capabilities are being significantly improved, with enhanced satellite communications, upgraded sensors and new weapon systems.

Despite this busy period the Ship’s Company have found time to conduct this marathon jouney which will see a team of cyclists riding leaving Rosyth on Monday 5 November with their route taking them through Berwick-upon-Tweed, Gateshead, Knaresborough, Mansfield and Northampton.

They’ll arrive at Woollam’s Playing Fields on Harpenden Road at around 2.00 pm on Saturday 10 November. There they will be joined by members of the Cycle Campaign before continuing their journey into the town centre. They will be met by the Mayor Cllr Kate Morris at 3.00 pm outside the District Council offices. On Sunday 11 November they will be taking part in the city’s Remembrance Day service, where the youngest member, Logistician Matthew Burrows, will lay a wreath.

Of the ten cyclists, five will be riding at any one time, with the rest providing support, collecting money en route and navigating. They are hoping to raise over £1000 for the two charities, which will provide support to the Royal British Legion and locally to St Albans through the Mayor’s Fund for the Future which gives grants to 18 local St Albans groups.

The organiser of the event, Warrant Officer Marty Wallace, said “I think this is an excellent opportunity to raise some money for charity whilst encouraging health and fitness. It will be hard work but good fun for all those taking part.”

HMS St Albans’ Senior Naval Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ludo McCloskey commented “This is the second time we have undertaken this venture, the first was whilst the ship was in build six years ago when a team cycled from Glasgow to St Albans. I have no doubt that the cyclists will cope with the mileage and arrive with a smile on their faces, having raised money for two very worthwhile charities. I am also sure that this event will help to cement the strong relationship that we have with our home town.”

HMS St Albans is the newest of the Royal Navy’s Duke Class Frigates and was delivered to the Royal Navy in November 2001. When she rejoins the Fleet in August 2008, the 133 metre-long ship, which displaces 4,500 tonnes, will have a crew of 21 officers, 50 senior ratings and 123 junior ratings.

The ship is armed with eight Harpoon Missiles, a vertical launch Sea Wolf anti-missile system, a 114mm gun, close range guns, torpedoes, the Sea Skua anti-ship missile system, depth charges and a MK 8 Lynx Helicopter.


Sent by Gillian Lang, SO2 Regional Media and Communications – Royal Navy

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