23 May 2007

School Bike Day report

Aboyne Lodge primary school held its popular Bike Day last Sunday (20 May). The event is organised by the School Association (the "PTA"), and is mostly about fun and enjoyment, but by the way is also a bit of a fundraiser for the School Association, through an entry charge and sale of refreshments. It is a school event, not a public event.
The format is very simple: two circuits are set up in the playground, one for the infants and their younger siblings on trikes and dinky bikes, and a larger more challenging one for the older children. Additional attractions are bacon butties and a STACC information stand. There was no organised Doctor Bike session this year, but several cycling parents had brought tools along, so basic tasks like tightening bolts and removing stabilisers were undertaken.
The STACC stand is under a tree, as this lets us hang up the bike-transported display boards. We had two tables of route leaflets, road safety booklets, stickers and of course, membership leaflets. We shifted a lot of leaflets and answered quite a few queries on many varied topics (mostly cycle-related!).
All in all, a very enjoyable morning, children having great fun on bikes.

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STACC memsec Tom said...

Yes it was most enjoyable.
It would be good to see this kind of event at other Junior Schools.
All it needs is a little effort from a few parents and/or the PTA & some guidance from Rona to give your school an event to remember - and repeat.

Of course STACC will give support - whether you are members or not.