18 May 2007

Highway code- in Parliament

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Yesterday (17 May) there were questions in the Lords on the highway code changes. Answers were varied, if somewhat predictable. Pro-cycling peers opposed the changes and put up with the inevitable 'cyclists jump red lights, ride on pavements and don't use lights at nights' comments with great patience. The government maintained that "the department is extremely conscious of the need to get this right. I have gone through the wording very carefully with your Lordships; if your Lordships have a better form of wording, we will listen to it. We have been consulting for a very long time on this and are determined to get it right." The debate is well (and amusingly) summed up by this thread on the usenet forum uk.rec.cycling.

10 May Stephen Ladyman repeats the government position in a written answer, asserting that that other rules were amended to afford more protection to cyclists and other venerable road users, but not saying why cyclists' responses to the consultation were ignored.

8 May In response to another question Stephen Ladyman fails to detail how much account was taken of cyclists' responses to the consulation.

9 May 2006 House of Commons cycling debate, containing some indication of the volume of letters to MPs on the Highway Code revision

2 May 2006 'The simple answer is that it will not' says Derek Twigg, when asked if the new Highway Code may force cyclists off the road for fear of legal consequences.

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