16 May 2007

Highway code revision threatens your safety- ACT NOW!

Last year the highway code came up for review. Some of the wording changes will put cyclists in increased danger, and cyclists need to act now to have their voice heard.

If you don't want (presumably) well-intentioned but badly framed legislation to force you to use substandard cycle lanes then join the 13,000 cyclists who have already objected by signing the online petition here. It only takes a moment and shows the level of cyclists' opposition to these changes.

Once you've done that, please spend a few minutes writing to Anne Main, asking her to support Early Day Motion 1433 "That the alterations in the provisions of the Highway Code proposed to be made by the Secretary of State for Transport, dated 28th March 2007, a copy of which was laid before this House on 28th March, be not made.". Please also Mrs Main to talk to her colleagues in the Lords who can 'pray against' the rewording, since the most effective challenge is likely to take place in the Lords.

There's more information on the CCN site here, including a sample letter. If you have time, please write in your own words, since personal comments are more effective than just sending 'yet another form letter'. This site allows you to send a message direct to Anne Main without a stamp- from experience you should have some sort of reply within 48 hours.

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Mike1727 said...

I received a very encouraging reply from Anne Main today, finishing in this sentence: ". . the Conservative party will force a debate on the draft Highway Code in the House of Lords, where we have a chance of stopping it being passed. I am hopeful that we will be able to persuade the Government to think again on its proposed changes."

keep the letters going to show the level of opposition to the amendments!