9 Feb 2007

Jobs in Cycling Promotion & Training with Cycling Future

Longstanding STACC & CTC member Phil Rowe has jointly set up a Cycling Promotion & Training Company - Cycling Future - working with local authorities, public bodies and private companies to help get more people cycling, more safely and more often.

This might be the sort of challenge which appeals to you or someone you know - locally or elsewhere.

Cycling Future is currently looking for people to help deliver a range of services:-

Cycling Promotion Roadshows

usually Weekends

Try Cycling to Work programmes

usually Mon - Fri

National Standard Cycle Training (Bikeability)

usually Mon - Fri in term time

full details of services can be found here

Phil's complete recruitment text appears below ...

Are you interested in encouraging others to cycle?

Like us you’re a keen cyclist who would love to see more people cycling, more safely and more often. You’ve probably already persuaded your partner to cycle, you’ve convinced the neighbours and most of the street to get on their bikes, and now you’re looking for a bigger challenge. We may be able to help.

Cycling Future (www.cyclingfuture.com) works with local authorities, other public sector bodies and private companies to help them get more people cycling. We have a range of cycling promotion events, a Try Cycling to Work programme and offer National Standard Cycle Training at all three levels. We’re a private company - the three Directors have considerable experience in the cycling promotion sector – and we’re all regular cyclists, CTC members and Sustrans supporters. Our passion for cycling is allied to strong commercial and customer service skills.

The key word that underpins Cycling Future and all that we do is professionalism. We think there is an increasing role for an organisation which can take on professional delivery of a wide range of cycling promotion tasks and carry them out on time, on budget, delivering the outcomes and results that clients want and in a manner that everyone involved says “great job, very well done, a pleasure working with you.” That’s what we’re about.

We’re looking for people to help deliver our range of cycling promotion roadshows, Try Cycling to Work programmes and National Standard Cycle Training (Bikeability). This is an opportunity to use your enthusiasm for cycling, your knowledge and experience, and above all your strong communication skills to help get more people cycling. Reliability, adaptability and good interpersonal skills are also essential pre-requisites for this work.

The work itself is of a ‘contract’ nature rather than permanent but these contracts can be for several days, weeks or even months, particularly for cycle training. Roadshow work often involves week-end working but cycle training on the whole tends to be run Monday to Friday, as do Try Cycling to Work Programmes. Much of the work is based in London and the south-east but as we operate across the UK there are opportunites elsewhere. Ideally we’re looking for people who can become part of our network and work with us regularly rather than a one-off basis.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from National Standard cycle trainers, either fully or provisionally qualified or from those who would like to get into cycle training. But we’re also interested in hearing from those who would just like to do roadshow work and/or Try Cycling to Work programmes.

Pay varies depending on your level of skills, the sort of commitment you can give Cycling Future and the nature of the work itself. For roadshow crew we pay around £85 per day plus travel, accommodation and subsistence where appropriate. Cycle trainers are paid between £16 and £27 per hour depending on whether they are lead trainer or ‘deputy’ and the number of sessions they’re running per day. Travel, accommodation and subsistence are also paid where appropriate.

In the first instance please send me an email, phil@cyclingfuture.com and briefly describe:

· your cycling and cycling promotion experience

· your age and sex

· your location

· your likely availability for work (e.g. just week-ends or week-days or any time)

· your willingness and ability to travel

· your preferred type of work if any

· any other relevant information

and we’ll take it from there. Look forward to hearing from you

Phil Rowe, Managing Director, Cycling Future.

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