7 Feb 2007

Canadian couple seek Cycling/Walking holiday advice

Received from STACC member Martin who says...

I’ve received the following request from some Canadian friends (man and
woman in mid-fifties).

“I’m still pondering my cycling/hiking holiday for May. In contention are
Ireland, Holland, Denmark, France, Portugal, border of Wales. Lots of
options really and a decision and flight booking is needed very soon. Any

Is there anyone out in STACC that you know of that might have relevant
experience to go on?

If anyone can advise, please comment on this post, then Martin's friends can view via the blog.
I'm sure there are on-line forums where such advice is shared which would yield much more.
Posted by Tom

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rona471 said...

Well, I'd go for Ireland, although it depends what they are after. Read Eric Newby's account 'Around Ireland in Low Gear'. Could have rough / wet weather, but could also be glorious, and it is too early for midges (little insects that bite hard found in Ireland and Scotland. Go around the edge rather than through the middle. Hire bikes from my fiend Aidan in Cork www.rothar.com, and he can tell you lots about walking the area too.

Check out CTC holidays for organised trips to different countries (www.ctc.org.uk)

Rona 471