12 Feb 2007

STACC Team for Pancake Race on Tuesday 20th February

Stop Press - Abandoned
Due to lack of response to the call for a team of pancake tossers,
STACC cannot field a team on 20th February.

The famous annual pancake race will take place on Tuesday 20th February at 12.00pm outside the Town Hall in St Albans.
The Cathedral’s ‘Flying Clergy’ have won the coveted prize frying pan for the last two years. Can anyone stop them?
To take up the challenge we need a team of four people, who are able to run and toss a pancake, hopefully catching it in their frying pan.
In order to reduce the average age of the team to about one third of what it was last year (when we were tossed out in the first round) I will not take part this year.

Raleighing call from Liz.....

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From: Liz
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Roll-up Pancake Pedallers!
Is anyone up for a fun run? We've had a team for the last ?4 years .
It's good fun and a bit of publicity. Fit, young entrants welcome....
Names and suggested team name to me. (Or add to this post as a comment, using your first name & membership number )
Liz (Contact phone number on your membership card)

If you can ride a unicycle & toss a pancake, then we might earn some
publicity, instead of doing it by winning.

Good Luck,


STACC memsec Tom said...
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STACC memsec Tom said...
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