3 Feb 2014

Redbourn Road- update

STACC has been in touch with the Highways Department and other HCC officers to ask when safety improvements on the Redbourn Road are scheduled.

In short, there is nothing planned for delivery in 2014/15. Looking further into the future, when the 1km section of the road around the collision site is ranked against others in Hertfordshire it doesn't score high enough to qualify for prioritised improvements from the current budget for road safety improvements. Similarly the site has been assesed for the cycling programme and it does not rank sufficiently high enough to form part of the current HCC programme due to other priorities.

Nothing is currenly planned to make Redbourn Road safer for cyclists or walkers.

STACC accepts that there is a finite budget for cycling in the county but we have asked for the whole length of Redbourn Road to be assesed to see if qualifies for improvements.

STACC will also look at ways to improve the ranking of an off road cycle path because we believe that many people, particularly leisure riders and people who aren't too comfident in traffic, are put off riding along Redbourne Road by the volume and speed of traffic. This reduction in bicycle traffic makes Redbourn Road score lower in prioritisation. 

STACC is also looking at wether the road could fit the criteria needed to reduce the speed limits under the county's draft Speed Management Strategy.

 So, what happens now? For STACC it looks like there will be another long campaign to make our local roads better and safer for cyclists. STACC supports the Herts Advertiser's 'Respect on Redbourn Road' campaign and the work of a group in Redborn who are also lobbying for improvements to the footpath. We will also shortly be starting a petition.

What can you do?
Talk to your local politicians- especially if you live in Redbourn, the Western Part of the city, or in St Albans rural. Write to the newspapers and Anne Main. Join in and help us with camapigning.


STACC Tom said...

"reduction in bicycle traffic makes Redbourn Road score lower in prioritisation"
The fact that there is a LATENT DEMAND will be overlooked & kids in Redbourn will be condemned to grow up without the ability to cycle to St Albans. Any facility will be delayed for decades.
I say 40mph speed limit from Batchwood Drive to edge of Redbourn, enforced by average speed cameras at each end.

STACC Tom said...
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