10 Feb 2014

Flooding updates

Tweeters can follow Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue on @HertsFRSControl and Highways on @Herts_Highways for updates on road closures and advice.
 Information on road closures is also available on www.hertsdirect.org/services/transtreets/highways/flooding
(from Tuesday 11 February the following shortcut can be used to access road closure information www.hertsdirect.org/roadclosures ).

Alban Way flooded at Smallford - deep and for some considerable length.  If you do decide to give it a go, remember there is a drain with slots in the middle, by the bridge.  The slots are at 45 degrees to line of route and could trap a narrowish tyre.   It is best not to ride through any water you can't see the bottom of, as hidden holes or obstructions can lurk that could send you flying.


Adam said...

An alternative route coming from St Albans is this. Before the Smallford bridge turn left up the road (the former station access road) to Station Road.

Turn right and then immediately left into Wilkins Green Lane. With kids you may well find it easier to dismount and push accross the road.

Follow Wilkins Green Lane through the cycle only section to the triangle junction and bear right. Look out for Nast Hyde House on the left on the next section.

At Ellenbrook Lane turn right and then left back onto the Alban Way.

This assumes of course the flooding is not blocking this part of the route too.

STACC Tom said...

There are barriers at both ends of the flooded area and at the exit point west of the bridge; it is possible to pass these. However as at 17/2/14 water was too deep to cycle to reach the said exit point.
Able bodied pedestrians & cyclists can elect to go on the embankment on the south side & ascend a steep muddy bank to reach the road, emerging directly into traffic stream thro' gap in hedge CARE!
Otherwise use next preceding exit at Lyon Way & use Hatfield Rd.

Adam said...

It's now clear as of Monday 24/2/14. The path has also been swept.

Mike1727 said...

Flooded again this morning, but not impassable. Flood is about 3-4 inches deep at maximum and about 50 metres long.

Mike1727 said...

Dry again this morning!