19 Jan 2014

Britain's fastest bike rider's truck driver giving a talk at the Hub

If you watch cycling programmes on TV you should be watching Guy Martin's Speed series on Channel 4.

Guy recently broke the British Bike speed record by riding 112.94 mph behind a racing truck on Pendine Sands. You can watch the episode here

On Tuesday 28th January at 7.30 the truck driver, Dave LeGrys, is giving a talk at the Hub in Redbourn. Book a ticket by emailing Simon at hubmeister@hubcofeebikes.com; you can hear about what the record was like and ask what plans there are to break the world speed record which is in Guy's sights. 

You can hear more on the BBC iPlayer and listen to the Bespoke radio show on Radio 5, but only if you go and listen before Thursday 23rd.

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