10 May 2013

STACC Helping to rewrite St Albans Cycle strategy- do you want to help?

In partnership with the council STACC is reviewing the council's cycling strategy which was last updated in 2007.

We have some good ideas based on the Get Britain Cycling report but we're very interested in hearing what you think would help cycling in St Albans.

Add a comment and we'll get in touch.


rona471 said...

A route from Redbourn! I was asked at the event at LUSH if there was a direct route from Redbourn to St Albans avoiding riding on the main road.

Mike1727 said...

Already on my list!

Ian said...

Cycle route 57 ( Nickey Line)needs urgent work as the M1 pedestrian tunnels lights near the Redbourn/ Hemel border need replacement. The SADC and Redbourn Parish Counci plus the Friends of the Nickey Line have repeatedly tried to get the Highway Agency Agency to replace the lights with little success.
Please STACC get involved and see if you can succeed!!

David said...

I agree with Ian. The tunnel under the M1 on the Nickey Line is long, dark and scarey as it has no lights. The tunnel was widened as a result of M1 widening but inappropriate lighting was put in, which now doesn't work. It is cutting the Nickey Line in half as many people won't go in the tunnel. The Highways Agency and SADC need to sort it out.

Frankie5bellies said...

Hi all
been living in Hemel and using the fabulous Nickey Line for walking and cycling exercise. How long is it going to take the authorities to get proper and sufficient lighting on in the tunnel under the M1?? The original lights were installed by planners who had little experience of life, reality or costs... and now we the public are suffering from their carelessness. The lights have been out within a few months of installation and that was years ago. We need some strong voices from all of us including STACC, I have written to MPs, Highways, local authorities and so far diddly squat. There is a need for lights so why have'nt they been adequately provided after all this time -- come on lets all act for this now....(apologies for going on but this is getting to be a real sore )