13 May 2013

A historic message from Herts Police

The Chief Constable desires to inform owners and drivers of Motor Vehicles in the County of Hertford  that constant complaints are made to him of the alarm and danger to the public caused by reckless driving of some of these vehicles.

The Chief Constable reminds owners and drivers that the speed at which a motor car may be driven on a highway is limited by law to twelve miles an hour.  It by no means follows that this speed may be sustained when Motor Cars are passing or meeting other vehicles or horses, or when passing through towns or villages or other inhabited places.  On each of these occasions it is incumbent on the drivers of Motor Cars to reduce their speed to such a pace as would be safe and reasonable were the vehicles drawn by horse instead of mechanical power.  Failure to observe this precaution will render the driver of the Motor Car liable to prosecution under Article IV, Sec. I of the Locomotives on Highways Act, 1896..


Given that Colonel Daniell was writing in 1901, it is interesting that his message has pretty well stood the test of time, in principle at any rate, as something we would like to hear from our Chief Constable.  Before we get too carried away, it is only fair that I let you know that Colonel Daniell reckoned bicycles were dangerous too.  When some of his constables were issued with bicycles to catch scorchers on the Great North Road, he gave his men an extra 3d an hour danger money.


My info comes from Hertfordshire Headlines by Richard Whitmore

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Lucy Gatwick said...

Not to be a stickler but glad something has been said, there is really no care from the drivers given to the bikers on the road. talking on the phone and driving over the speed limit, its an accident waiting to happen. Better something is said now.

Lucy, St Albans Homes