1 May 2013

Bike kit on sale in Aldi from 2 May

Aldi bike kit is back, and hopefully in stock at our local bargain outlet.

The sale publicity is on Aldi's Website Thursday specials 2nd May.

Here's the post written earlier this year..

Brab a bargina at Lidl

 You don't really need bike clothing for short trips in and around town, but if you're out on a longer ride then cycling kit is really useful to keep you comfortable.

Lidl run ranges of cheap stuff on a continual basis. This week's special offer is cycling kit, and there's a range of stuff available at cheap prices- jackets, gilets, jerseys, shoes, shorts, helemts and plenty more, including some bike hardware. Prices are cheap- everything except the jacket (£11.99) is under a tenner so you can kit yourself up for a longish ride on the Rotary Bike Ride very cheaply. Have a look here and head down to our local store just opposite the Galleria in Hatfield- easily accessible via a pleasant ride down the Alban Way.

Road.cc reviews the range here

Buy now, they tend to run out of stock fairly quickly.

Wrap up and ride this weekend, blow the cobwebs away!


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