31 Mar 2013

Support your local bike (based) businesses: The Culture Cart

The Culture Cart- bike based business in St Albans

If you were in town for the St Albans Film Festival  last month you may have come across one of The Culture Cart's workshops. The Culture Cart is a pop-up art workshop, with the main machinery being a Freecycle-sourced press mounted on the back of a bike. The workshop will soon be expanded by a bike trailer kitted out to suit printing.

Bike based art
I came across the cart at a craft workshop at the Secret Garden Cafe  on George Street where my kids and me made a few prints including this classic roadster. There's a wide variety of prints to do- something for everyone and it's great for kids.

Bike print from the Culture Car
If you're in London over the summer you can catch up with the Culture Cart in Southwark- have a look at the Facebook page for more details. You may also see the Cart in St Albans during Bike Week (15-23 June)

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