17 Mar 2010


In here first-ever commons speech mentiong cycling, Anne Main spoke yesterday about the state of Hertfordshire's roads.

"Many of the council's future traffic management initiatives, intended to combat the congestion in the town, depend on encouraging more people to abandon their cars and to cycle, walk and, indeed, use motorbikes. Cycling is a greener and, potentially, an efficient, healthy way in which to travel, but given our current road conditions, that is often not the case for St Albans cyclists. Without investment in our roads, cyclists will have a raw deal and experience unacceptable hazards. Many of them are children, who may not be able to cope with an unexpected pothole as they are cycling to school or in the area where they live."

Sadly Anne did not concentrate on the parlous state of Herts Highways efforts to fix potholes. Funny that, seeing as the responsibilty for Herts Highways rests with the conservative county council...

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