19 Mar 2010

If you didn't already know, riding your bike in the correct position on the road is a fundamental skill. The correct place is to ride at least half a metre out from the kerb at all times, then moving further out into the middle of the road at junctions.

There are three reasons for doing this;

1. Avoiding the glass, gravel and other road detritus which gets swept towards the edge of the road by motor traffic. Gravel is a big problem at the moment as it is generated by road surface breaking up around potholes.

2. To give yourself some safety space to move into in case a vehicle comes too close.

3. Most importantly, riding further out into the lane puts you firther into driver's visual field- simply put you're riding where drivers are looking and are therefore much more obvious. If you don't believe this check out the Institute of Advanced Drivers press release.

You can use the IAM's press release to counter any arguements with drivers!

Be safe...

Previously published here in 2007 , guidelines on riding safely.

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