23 Jul 2009

Welwyn Hatfield "Pedalpoint" service is no more

The one-stop cycling service run for several years by Wel-Hat Council - dealing with all cycling matters in the district (Cycle Maps, Cycle Path problems etc.) is no longer in operation.
The staff member who normally staffed the service has been moved to another post and there seems little prospect of a replacement.
The service is still widely advertised on thousands of copies of cycling/walking maps relating to the Wel-Hat District and beyond, which have been distributed over a number of years.
If you wish to enquire about any cycling service, it is no use trying the advertised phone number or the email address: pedalpoint@welhat......

If anyone discovers that this service (or one like it) has been restored please advise us by adding a comment to this post.

As far as I know WelHat was the only district in Herts to run this sort of service - please advise us if you know of others.

If you need advice, we at St Albans Cycle Campaign will always try to help. Contact us by email, address can be found on www.stacc.org.uk

1 comment:

Adam said...

Service is back, restored early march 2010.


Adam Edwards
Welwyn Hatfield Cycling Forum