23 Jul 2009

North Orbital - A414/A405 Footway Sharing

STACC has been campaigning for a many years to have the footway of the North Orbital Road changed to a shared path for cycles and pedestrians. Without success so far.

A new approach is being taken right now, by exploiting the provision that any person or group can address the Highways Joint Members' Panel (HJMP) of St Albans District Council (SADC) on any relevant matter - provided that the action is supported by a petition with a number of signatures. STACC had to provide at least 30 signatures. We asked the members to respond - which they have done with great enthusiasm in very few days - with the result that no less than 125 signatures have been received.
Many thanks to everyone for your support.

So this evening (23 July 2009) at 7 pm, Steve is able to go ahead and address the meeting - for just 3 well filled minutes. So Good Luck to him.

Update 25 July : One of the Councillors on the HJMP told me that Steve gave an impressive presentation, which was very well received by the panel.
In fact the Chair of the panel Councillor Aislinn Lee, on hearing the size of our petition, declared "Make that 126," and promptly signed it herself - probably breaking all rules of protocol. (STACC-Tom)

Watch this space for further progress.

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