9 Jul 2009

Police arrest speedcamera scarecrow

Mr Strong, 58, dressed the one-legged straw dummy in a fluorescent yellow jacket from Halfords and a police hat from a joke shop for a village scarecrow competition.

But just a day after he propped the scarecrow on top of his privet hedge in the village of Mickle Trafford, near Chester, pointing its fake speed gun along the busy A56 main road in the hope it would deter motorists from speeding, he felt the full force of the law.
"It caused a real stir in the village," said Mr Strong. "The officers were rather brusque and told me they had received several complaints from motorists who thought it was a real police officer and that it could cause an accident if a car braked suddenly.
Villagers were stunned by the police response and Audra Goodall, who organised the competition to raise money for the local primary school, has written to Mr Strong saying: "I know many people in the village thought your entry was fantastic - surely anything which slows the traffic down through Mickle Trafford is a good thing."

She added: "Before organising the competition I visited the police to ask if there was any guidance to making scarecrows. They certainly did not mention anything about making a scarecrow police officer."
A Cheshire police spokesman said: "There appears to be a little misunderstanding. What we meant was that if a member of the public was wearing clothes like those the scarecrow was wearing, they could be prosecuted for impersonating a police officer.
"We did not intend Mr Strong to think either he or his scarecrow would be prosecuted."
So, residents of Sandridge, build your scarecrows!

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STACC Tom said...

So real police officers must also be responsible when they cause motorists to brake suddenly and have an accident.
(Frankly the idea that speed cameras cause accidents because people brake suddenly is just a myth put about by the anti-camera brigade - who are therefore arguing that speed cameras should be hidden in order to reduce accidents - Hurrah! big YES to that.)
If you live on a speeders' road, put a yellow box just inside your front garden, make it into a bird nesting box then nobody will dare to make you take it down.