9 Jul 2009

2009 London Freewheel - 20th September

The third annual London Freewheel, known this year as the Mayor of London's Skyride, will be held on Sunday 20 September 2009.

Advance Notice of this Event....

.....which is (like previous years) the closure of several miles of London's major roads to motor traffic, allowing you and your family to do a sightseeing tour of many of the major attractions, by bike, unhurried and unworried by motor vehicles.

Click [HERE] to see finalised details.

There is a free sign-up/registration procedure - but I don't quite see what the purpose is - up to you really. Nobody is going to stop you going on the closed roads if you are not registered.

If you take your bikes by train, Blackfriars Station is right on the route, but you will need to carry/bump your bike down/up the stairs.
If you are a rail commuter, your season ticket is valid for weekends too.

Remember that beyond the roads which are closed for the day, you can explore beyond their confines to reach other places of interest, provided you are confident in the traffic.

Also on the Saturday of the same weekend - 19th September, The 2009 Tour of Britain Cycle Race finishes in the heart of London.
See [HERE] for details.

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