15 Oct 2008

Potholes- St Albans review R.O.A.R.(s)

has launched a pothole campaign in response to news that Hertfordshire council spent more than two million pounds on compensation for damage to vehicles caused by potholes, with St ALbans accounting for 14% of the total.

"We want to put an end to pedestrians suffering trips and falls; we no longer want to hear that another cyclist is in hospital after hitting a pothole and we do not want drivers facing huge bills for car repairs"

They're currently looking for conributions on 'bad roads'

So, sign up to comment on the Herts review website and add your comments on bad roads. Make sure you've reported the issue first at hertsdirect.org or via Fixmystreet.com


Simon Grover said...

Unfortunately, the picture that goes with this campaign is of someone in a car, when potholes are of most danger to cyclists!
As we all know, you either risk it by cycling over them, or you risk it by swerving round them. Or you don't see them and they get you anyway.

rona471 said...

Quite so Simon, good point.
But the front page story launching ROAR was about a pedestrian.
The state of the pavements is as disgraceful as the roads - not helped of course by the moron tendency to park on the pavement and cause damage as well as obstruction. Pavement parkers are a pest.

Orbiter said...

Tom's comment recently about HH lowering priority of hole-filling in minor roads has turned out to be right. I've reported about 120 holes this year. All used to be attended to within 24 hours. Now two deep and dangerous holes in an unlit lane have been untouched for a couple of weeks.

Tom Steinberg said...

I'm biased, but I would encourage you to report problems through FixMyStreet.com because that way you get a record of what's been reported. Use the council's own systems and it makes it easier to ignore...