2 Oct 2008

Five Miles to Fabulous - Ladies Ride on 11.10.08

For male readers - make your own way to tea and scones at Sleapshyde Methodist Church, 10 am to 12 noon on Saturday 11 October. Just off the Alban Way, opposite the Plough pub. This is not the only opportunity to scoff a scone that day, as Shenley Methodist Church is also having a coffee morning on the 11 October, also 10 am to 12 noon. So one or other or both, and did I mention that Methodist home baking is very good indeed?

For female readers - the St Albans Hatfield section of the Cyclist Touring Club (CTC) is organising another 5 miles to fabulous ride, led by Rona Wightman. These rides, promoted nationally in early June, but happening locally from time to time throughout the year, are aimed at encouraging less-confident women riders, by showing good routes and demonstrating roadcraft. Pace is gentle. Meet at Faber Maunsell, Upper Marlborough Road, AL1 3UT at 0930h, ride to Sleapshyde for coffee break, then back. Ride will make use of Alban Way, but will also include some on-road sections. Experienced riders are very welcome on these rides, your encouragement and guidance is appreciated! If you are a fast rider, please wrap up warm, you will be going at gentle pace on this ride.

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rona471 said...

Wished I'd taken my own advice wrapped up a bit warmer - hadn't foreseen the chilly mist that rolled in! However, sun soon burnt through. Three women joined the leader for an autumnal pootle to Sleapshyde.
Next Sleapshyde coffe morning is 15November, but I'm afraid you'll have to make your own way there, leader has other commitmnets that day.