19 Sep 2008

citycycling .how to... build a useable bike path

citycycling .how to... build a useable bike path

The fists few paragraphs look official...read the rest!

"In considering the requirements surrounding the installation of cycle paths and cyclane lanes this official guide has been produced as an aid to the process to ensure that best practice is used in all such installations. And when constructing such traffic safety measures it must always be kept in mind the over-riding principle involved: the impact on other road users and pedestrians must be considered and take priority.The first thing to consider is whether a particular road requires the measures to be implemented.

Where a road is very busy this clearly represents a danger to the cyclist and a dashed line to the side of the road will increase their safety level by a level of 56%. The width of the road must be looked at in determining the viability of this. If the road is very wide, and already accommodates cyclists, this shows that the route will be used by lots of cyclists and so the cycle lane is desirable.""

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