14 Jul 2008

SUSTRANS TravelSmart Job Opportunities

From Sustrans' Steve Lockwood who is running the Sustrans TravelSmart programme in Watford.

We are currently contacting 25,000 households in Watford and offering them information, advice and support, helping people to choose to walk, cycle and use public transport more often.

Having successfully completed stage 1 of our project in West Watford, we are looking to increase our team members for stage 2 as we move into central Watford.

He asks us to circulate information on vacancies available with TravelSmart which can be found on the jobs page of the Sustrans Website [HERE].

Please contact him if you require any further information.

Steve Lockwood

Project Officer, TravelSmart

Tel: 01923 240402

Mobile: 07798 908446

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