9 Jul 2008

If Herts highways can do this for a stables, why are there no 20 limits around our schools?

Signage around the livery stables on Sandridgebury Lane. It looks legitimate signage- in any case it's on highways land.

If they can do this for horses why not for children?


Karie said...

Fantastic question. One I'd like to see answered.

STACC memsec Tom said...

I reckon that this had nothing to do with Herts Highways or St Albans Council, as it appears to be an unofficial sign. So I guess that the locals just put it up. Sandridgebury Lane is well known for its heavy rush hour traffic with some drivers behaving irresponsibly (I don't like the term rat-running).
Anyway good luck to the folks who live there and the youngsters who use the stables - I won't be making any complaints about their sign.

Mike1727 said...

No complaints here either- but the sign certainly looks official, and is on highways land.

Flo Oakley said...

ha ha well we are a nation of animal lovers