16 Jan 2008

Bike security

Stolen Bike, originally uploaded by Greg Jagiello.

The Home Office has some useful tips on bike security on their website, as well as a useful leaflet.

First Capital Connect and the British Transport Police are giving out free cycle alarms at St Albans City Station on Wedndesday 23 and Thurday 29 January. We'd be interested in hearing about the experience of anyone who'se got one, please leave a comment.

The best bet is to use at least one good lock to secure your bike to something fixed, somewhere in plain view..

1 comment:

Greg J said...

Hey, cool, my bike pic! Cool to see it used.

I've had 3 bikes stolen...sorry to say all 3 were unlocked. I just got to comfortable with my neighborhood and relaxed my guard. So lock those 2-wheelers up!