10 Aug 2007

Police Appeal - ALBAN WAY ARMED ROBBERY 27th June

Police are appealing for any information which could relate to an
armed robbery about 10:15 a.m. on 27th June, 2007.

Full details & photofit of the assailant, as well as police contact number are on:

Did you see anything that day which might be relevant?

Perhaps you are a regular Alban Way user; have you seen the
attacker on another occasion - before or since?

Think Back - 27th June was in the week after Bike Week.
(It appears that the escape route was the Timberland Trail footpath
- where it's unusual to see a cyclist - rather than the footpath
which crosses AW near the Smallford bridge.)

Yes it's very disturbing to have such things happen on 'our' Alban Way.
A way to mitigate one's fears is to commute with one or more companions using
the Bike Buddi scheme.
for a link to more information.
Don't let them win!

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