29 Aug 2007

Local Transport Plan & LTP User Group Meeting 25 Sep 2007

I have just received Herts LTP Bulletin No 3. (Thanks to STACC's Robin Hogg).

It gives notice of a Local Transport Plan User Group workshop event
DATE: 25th September 2007
PLACE: Park Lounge, Campus West, Welwyn Garden City.
TIME: 18:30 to 20:30
Those wishing to attend or contribute should contact Transport Policy Team - email below.

It's important for STACC to be represented to influence transport policy - no matter what we might wish for, if it aint in the LTP it won't happen.

Bulletin's other Headings include:

  • Tackling the causes & impacts of congestion.
  • Urban Transport Plans.
  • Clutter Challenge (too many signs).
  • 2006/7 Progress Reports & Herts Traffic & Transport Data Report
  • Cycling Targets (commitment is to increase by 11%)
  • Recent Decisions at Highways & Transport Panel
  • Health Shuttle Award
  • Major Schemes
  • School Council Conference March 07 (120 students from 18 school discussing school travel plans - an initiative that STACC should be supporting on our patch).
  • Government News.

LTP related documents - some referred to in the Bulletin - can be found HERE.

In particular, LTP2 Revised Cycling Strategy & related documents are HERE.

I was not aware that LTP Bulletins existed until now - unfortunately they don't seem to appear on line at Hertsdirect - only as email - to get regular issues make a request to trevor.mose@hertscc.gov.uk (Transport Policy Team Leader.) It's interesting to note that bulletins were only started in 2007 and 3 have been issued already - so they're a good source of up-to-date LTP info.

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