4 Jul 2007

One to watch: The Flying Scotsman

"The Hour". It's the only cycling record that matters: one man and his bike against the clock in a quest for pure speed. No teammates, no rivals, no tactics, no gears, no brakes. Just one simple question - in sixty minutes, how far can you go? (Michael Hutchinson, "The Hour")

In the 90's two British riders battled for the hour record: Scotsman Graeme Obree and Englishman Chris Boardman. Boardman rode a high tech bike, trained in a wind tunnel and ate a balanced diet. Obree built his own bike using washing machine parts and ate cornflakes...

Watch the story of Obree's battle against the record and the UCI who faught to preserve the purity of Eddy Merckx's record by banning the improved bikes and riding positions which Obree and Boardman used.

Watch the trailer at the official site here, but this site is far better for background and reviews.

The nearest showings are Stevenage and Milton Keynes.

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