2 Jul 2007

Explore London Sights - by Bike - Traffic Free - 23rd September

On Sunday 23rd September, a number of London main streets go traffic-free - closed to all except cyclists ..... full details here

A rare chance to ride a gentle nine mile circuit of some of the capital's most famous streets passing famous landmarks - all without being bothered by traffic. Stop & go as you please. Ideal day out for families.

Suggest you take a train from St Albans to Blackfriars - which is on the route.

Of course you can go off route to explore places nearby - suggest you equip yourself with a TfL free Cycle Guide - which shows all the cycle friendly streets in the area - which is covered by Guide No 10

To Obtain London Cycle Guides
You can obtain a free copy by calling the 24-hour travel information service on 0845 305 1234
or fill in the order form to be found here

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