6 Feb 2007

WELCOME to STACC Blog - but what's it for?

Welcome to STACC blogspot.
All raring to go.

STACC Members - this is your blog, please leap on board and give it life, make it into an effective campaigning tool.
Keep reading it, tell others about it, add comments, share information, enthuse about cycling.
The blog will thrive on solid content provided by you - members of all ages.

Why have a blog?

I felt there was a need for a blog - as up to now I have published most STACC happenings to members by email.

  • All emails had to be composed to suit new members who were not up to speed with an ongoing topic, which the old hands knew well, so texts could be repetitive.
  • Some members may have felt the volume of emails was on the high side.
  • Where a response to the email was requested, I had to attempt to collate responses & circulate them (and usually failed to do so).
  • Members without email at home or work have not been kept in regular touch but I know some of them use a public library computer.

Having a Blog means

  • There is no need for repetition (a reference to previous post is enough)
  • Volume of emails may be reduced
  • Responses will become comments by members and others, attached to appropriate Posts
  • Snail mail members would be able to keep up to date & able to participate in any topic.
  • Members can share easily accessible information with minimum delay..

Comment on this Post to tell us other good reasons to have a blog - or any reasons to not have one.
Also to give advice on any problems you see on how the blog is set up.
Be sure to read the Post on COMMENTS first - here.

Anyone world wide can read the blog.
Anyone world wide can make comments.

Content may be edited or removed. Off-Topic comments will be moved.

All content is the opinion of its author and does not necessarily represent the view of St Albans Cycle Campaign.

Authoring of Posts: Initially only by me - soon to rolled out to STACC Committee members, then to STACC members who want to.

Another reason to launch this blog - It's my birthday 6th February.


Mike Hartley said...

Excellent idea, much more interective than the news page on the STACC site which doesn't seem to get many updates.

Ideas- photos, links to other sites and other bike campaign blogs.

You can also make blogs collabarative by setting up more than one author.

Most importantly...happy birthday!

STACC memsec Tom said...

Mike - thanks for the ideas & the birthday wishes (the latter proving that you read the whole page).
I celebrated by doing 40 lengths of Hatfield pool on the day, that's 18.518 metres for each year. (But don't work it out.)

Time setting is now GMT

STACC memsec Tom said...

Today STACC Committee members have been invited to become Post Authors.