6 Feb 2007

COMMENTS - are welcome

Anyone world wide can make comments.
It's easy - just click on the comments link near the bottom of the Post (Article), that's where the number of comments also appears.

Constructive and informative comment on specific posts is very welcome.

These should remain On-Topic - i.e. relate to the subject of the Post.

If you want to make a comment about something which does not have a relevant Post then:-

  • If it is about Cycling in St Albans, put it under the Post "Cycling in St Albans - Any Comments"
  • If it is about Cycling in Hertfordshire, put it under the Post "Cycling in Hertfordshire - Any Comments"
  • If it is about Cycling in general, put it under the Post "Cycling General - Any Comments"
  • If it is none of the above, put it under the Post "OFF-TOPIC COMMENTS" so you can get it off your chest.

We are a Family Friendly all inclusive organisation - if you find any unsuitable content please tell us where it is, by putting a comment under the Post "REPORT ABUSIVE CONTENT" so we can get rid of it.

Remember, your comments are visible world wide so take precautions not to give away too much information about yourself or anyone else.
You can of course remain anonymous but I suggest that STACC members identify themselves with their first name and Membership Number (on your membership card) then I alone can identify them (so for example, I am Tom89).
If you feel you must give your own or anyone elses email adress then obscure it so spambots can't harvest it. (Example billDOTgatesATmicrosoftDOTcom - no, he's not a STACC member.)

There are fiendish robot programs which sniff around blog sites and attempt to make automatic entries in comments.
There's a counter measure on this blog to protect against this by testing that the comment is being entered by a human and not by a robot.
So when you make a comment, you will asked to read a group of misshapen letters and type them in. (It is very reassuring to have confirmation that you are a human being.)

On return to the Post page your comment may not appear, so just Reload or Refresh the page (via Browser tool bar).

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