14 Jul 2014

Green Ring - get involved

You have until the end of this week to submit comments on Herts County Council's design proposals for four sections of the Green Ring:
D - Ladies Grove, Waverley Road and Everlasting Lane
E - Batchwood Drive and Harpenden Road
F - Boundary Road and Walton Street (and they have added a second option in this area)
G - Lemsford Road
H - Jennings Road, Woodstock Road

You have until Friday 8 August to comment on the other three HCC sections:
A - Hatfield Road and Sutton Road
B2 - Holywell Hill crossing
C - St Michael's, Branch Road, Verulam Road and Oysterfields

There are consultation sessions this week at St Albans District Council offices:
Tuesday 15th, 5.45pm to 8pm
Thursday 17th, 12.45pm to 4pm

STACC will be submitting a response, but we strongly encourage our members to make individual comments also.

All the information is available online, simplest way to access it is via SADC Green Ring webpage

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