7 Jun 2014

Green Ring Consultation - IMPORTANT


Calling all STACC members - get commenting!  Consultation runs from 9 June to 18 July. 


As stated in the consultation material, in addition to the online consultation, HCC are undertaking public sessions for members, residents and business owners of St Albans to discuss the scheme with the designers. Please see below for the proposed dates to be held at the St Albans District Council offices;

·        Monday 30th June - 12.45pm to 4pm – Committee Room 1 Lower Ground Floor

·        Wednesday 2nd July - 5.45pm to 8pm – Committee Room 2 Lower Ground Floor

·        Tuesday 15th July - 5.45pm to 8pm – Committee Room 1 Lower Ground Floor

·        Thursday 17th July - 12.45pm to 4pm – Committee Room 3 Lower Ground Floor

Pleased to see that STACC gets a mention in the FAQs and a link to our Shared Paths leaflet.

Also note that there is currently a consultation on Young People's travel options (young = 16 - 18 yr olds)  https://consult.hertsdirect.org/16to18travel/
Sadly no sign of cycling but there is a comments box on the end, so please be active and add comments for all Schools and Colleges to have improved cycle access.

Particularly since we are now enjoying the Hertfordshire Year of Cycling

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Mike1727 said...

On the Young People's travel options you could also add a proposal that the council could offer to provide a bike for qualifying students- this would cost less than the minimum of the funding proposals for a single year, would provide active travel for health and independent means of transport outside of study time- a win-win solution for those who want one.