5 Mar 2014

Spring's almost here- is your bike ready?

After the torrential rains of the winter it looks like spring is almost here- the days are lengthening, it's not raining quite as much and the weather's begging warmer. Bike racks at the station are filling up more each day, the St Albans Rotary bike ride is coming, there's a ride along the Alban Way next Saturday and if the number of people out riding last Sunday is anything to go by this will be a huge Summer of cycling here in St Albans.

If your bike is waking from its winter hibernation or is suffering from the effects of riding all winter, now is the time to check it. If you can't safely do the work yourself book it in for a service at one of the city's bike shops -  STACC has negotiated some good discounts at some local shops which will save you far more in one service than you pay in membership for your houshold for the year.

In St Albans:
Mobile bike mechanic Mike Narramore at Cycle Tech Herts will service your bike at City station on Mondays or Wednesdays, or by appointment most days. Show your STACC membership card and get 10% discount on parts and acessories.

On Victoria Street Addiktion Cycles give STACC members 10% discount (excluding bikes and servicing) and Rock and Road offer also offer us 10% discount (excluding labour)

Outside St Albans:
Head over to the Hub at Redbourne where you'll get 10% discount on servicing and accesories (20% on soem accessories) and 10% discount on cyclist essentials of excellent coffee and cake. Book in advance and drink coffee and munch cake while your bike is being serviced.

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