31 Mar 2014

Gone in 30 seconds?

There's a sad story of bike theft in the Advertiser at the moment. Westminster Lodge bike racks appear to be a bit of a theft hotspot at the moment, but the way people are locking their bikes up isn't helping.

On Saturday me and my daughter rode to Westminster Lodge to go for a swim. Arriving at the bike racks I looked around at the other bikes locked up in the racks and found most could have been stolen in less than 30 seconds, some without tools.

This one, locked with a cable lock which could be cut with scissors:

This one, only 'locked' around the seat pin, gone in 30 seconds without tools:

and this one, asking for its wheels to be stolen:

There was another bike, which had its front wheel locked to the frame, but it wasn't locked to the bike rack. I didn't take a photo of that one as the owner arrived at the time, but I did show him how to lock his bike up properly.

Out of all the bikes there, only mine and two others were locked with decent locks applied properly.

Follow these hints, lock it and don't lose it!

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