13 Sep 2013

Alban Way resurfacing

Resurfacing done.

Alban Way is looking great and the new, smooth surface is appreciated by users!

The section at the back of Morissons was initially not done at all, they were leaving it pending an engineering solution to bank erosion, which will hopefully give a wider and stable path past the tree.  However, STACC requested that a temporary improvement be made - and it has been!  Result.

Also be aware that adding several inches of tarmacadam has resulted in the surface being locally much higher than it used to be.  So take care where a slip off the edge means a drop of 4 inches or more.  Even a small drop-off' can lead to a tramline effect fall.  STACC did point out locations of biggest drops, and these have been remedied.

The completion of work was celebrated on 26 November with local school children and a big green dinosaur.  The Mayor of St Albans and STACC representatives and members were there too.  Also supporting the event were CycleTech Herts and ride leaders from the Watford Hub.

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rona471 said...

Updated 28 September

rona471 said...
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Mike1727 said...

Comment on twitter just now about the drops at the sides of the new surfacing. We should feed that back, unlikely that it is that it will be fixed but feedback is always good.

Mike1727 said...

Drop at the edges has been take up with SADC, they have had a site meeting with the contractors, I've queried for updates and I'm awaiting a response.