28 May 2013

Wonders never cease- Clarkson on a bike

Petrolhead: Jeremy has previously caused controversy by claiming cyclists 'deserve' abuse from other road users

How times change. In his latest column, arch-motorist Jeremy Clarkson talks about cycling. Not in his usual disparaging terms, but talking more about how good cylcing is and how we need normal people riding in normal clothes without helmets to make riding a bike part of the 'normal' modes of transport.

Time will tell if this is a tipping point for cycling as the arch petrol-head gets on a bike- but having Clarkson talking (some) sence about cycling is a good thing (tm)

There's even a song about it Jeremy Clarkson on a bike by the excellent Miskhills who have also done an excellent song "Emma Way No Way" about the woman who knocked over a cyclist and tweeted about it.

BikeBiz, Road CC Sunday Times (Behind paywall)

"Cycling used to be how you got about when you were poor. Then it became a pastime for children. Now, though, it has evolved into something more. It’s gone beyond a way of life and become a political statement. A movement."

 "let’s rout the pushbike Bolsheviks. There’s only one way they can be defeated. And that’s for normal people to start riding bicycles. We need to swell their ranks with moderates, people who ride a bike because they’ve had a drink and because taxis are too expensive. Ordinary people who ride in jeans and T-shirts and with no stupid helmet."

 "I’ve started the ball rolling by buying a bike."

 "You don't have to worry about putting on weight...because you can pedal it all off afterwards."

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