22 Apr 2013

Junior bike maintenance session at Halfords.

Me and my children went to the Junior Bike club maintenance session at Halfords St Albans over half term.

The Halfords Bikehut manager and chief mechanic ran an interesting session, introducing a group of 8 or 9 children to baisic bike maintenance. Grouped around a bike on a repair stand the children were shown the basic 'M check' which takes them through checking wheels, brakes, saddle, handlebars/headset, gears and peripherals. This is a good check for bike safety for everyone and it's well worth going through to check all is ok on your bike, especially if you're getting it out of its winter hibernation in the shed!

After the bike check the kids split into groups to do some puncture repairs, using a bowl of water to find the punctures. I now pay my children 50p a go for fixing punctures!

Overall it was a goodsession and it's great to see Halfords putting something back into the cycling community. The presenters were good- especially since it's not easy to give a presentation to children if you're not used to it.
  Keep an eye on Halfords Kids Bike club here to see when new courses are being offered- it would be good to see someing on bike maintenance for adults too!

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