12 Mar 2013

March newsletter

One million people are being urged to back the introduction of a default 20mph (or 30kph) speed limit across all Europe’s residential and urban roads. A continent-wide coalition of safety campaigners, environmentalists and community organisations will spend the coming months calling for supporters in the European Union’s 27 member states to add their names to an online petition which could see the lower limit of 30kph become mandatory from next year. You can sign the initiative here. More information can be seen at the European Citizens' Initiative website.http://en.30kmh.eu/

Despite a local Councillor describing the charging for car-parking at the new Westminster Lodge as a "fitness tax", bike racks are in place and as the spaces are free, provide a tax-avoidance scheme for those shunning the car. But even in the cold conditions they have been observed to be well used, so may not be sufficient when warmer weather returns. STACC have requested St Albans Council to place more bike racks here. *Update* the car park plans include some bike shelters and racks. STACC will keep on top of bike parking at Westminster Lodge- let us know if you have any problems.

The bike racks outside the town hall, which were under threat of removal due to the installation of a new information board for visitors to St Albans, are still there with the information board adjacent. They had been carrying notices that they would be removed on 20th February but which have now disappeared. This has happened because there are underground services under where the information board was planned. STACC is working with the council to get more bike racks in St Albans.

The St Albans Rotary Charity Cycle ride is on Sunday, 19th May, fully marshalled and with distances to suit most tastes and fitness levels, starting & ending at from Oaklands College 8 a.m. onwards. For something more challenging, see the Start of SummerTime Specials on 7th April (which is NOT the start of summer time this year) starting from Stevenage.

Rotheram Council has spent almost £20,000 moving a pedestrian-island crossing 3 feet, only 4 months after it was contructed. It had received complaints from road users that the crossing did not leave enough room for a car & a cyclist side-by-side. STACC is currently negotiating with the Council about a traffic island installed in Colney Heath Lane last year with a similar issue & hope the remedy will not be so expensive.

The Mayor of London has outlined a £913m plan for a 15-mile cycle route from the western suburbs to Canary Wharf In Docklands and Barking in east London. The new route will include Dutch-style fully segregated cycle tracks along, among other places, the Victoria embankment and the Westway flyover.

Boris Johnson is also planning to give London's Metropolitan Police £4000 electric mountain bikes that can climb stairs and help them catch criminals.

If you have not received your membership cards for 2013, it is most likely that you have not paid your annual subscription to STACC. If so, please maintain your membership by sending a cheque for £5, payable to St Albans Cycle Campaign, to:   Steve Brazier STACC Membership Secretary
5 The Limes
St Albans

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